Shop Front

Turn heads and win new business with a unique sign

A bricks and mortar shop in the digital age needs every trick in the book to win new business. 
Internet shopping is making inroads into regular business, and customers walking by on the street inevitably have their noses buried in a smartphone.

But there’s still a few old school methods you can try…

Sign of the times

One of the best and most classic methods to get people to look away from their smartphones is with a clever, stylish, eye-catching sign.

A chalkboard with a witty message outside a pub can bring new patrons inside, while a beautifully presented window sign at a boutique can draw people inside to browse. The street and footpath traffic of a bricks and mortar business is a constant flow of potential customers, and a slick, attention grabbing sign will help generate more business. 

It may even win you some unexpected fans. A unique or iconic sign can draw crowds – think Times Square in New York where people go just to see the signs. That is the power of a good sign – it brings the people to you.

Capital Signs can create the perfect sign for you

As one of the leading creators of shopfront signage in Canberra, Capital Signs offers a wide range of signs to suit every style and budget. We provide wall mounted signs, fascia settings, windows, lightboxes, and under awning signs; we have the style and sophistication to create fantastic signs for every purpose.

Each of our signs is custom designed by our team of talented staff who can come up with the look you’re after. Our signs are made to the highest technical standards, offering all weather durability and great flexibility to withstand long use. We see them as a long-term investment for shopfronts in Canberra, and make sure they are made to the highest quality.

Available in full colour vinyl or digital print, Capital Signs' products offer a stylish, classic way to attract customers to your business.

Get attention with Capital Signs

Great signage is a unique selling point for bricks and mortar businesses, and it pays to get it right. Capital Signs can work with your business to create the perfect sign that will turn heads and bring people in the door. The rest, as they say, is up to you.

To start creating your attention-grabbing shop front signs in Canberra, get in touch with Capital Signs on (02) 6280 6000 today!