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Pullup Banners

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Frosted Glass Signs

Frosted glass film experts

At Capital Signs, we know that not all offices and shop window signage should be the same. Sometimes you may want to block out parts of the window and other times you might want to emphasise certain areas.

What’s the best way to do this? With frosted window film in Canberra. A unique frosted design works beautifully when installed correctly, creating an eye-catching decoration or hiding an area of your window you wish to obscure.

If you’re looking for something more than just plain window frosting, you can also add some detail in to your window design with some signage to help advertise your services, store or business. But frosted window film doesn’t simply hide sections of your store or office window, it helps to decorate it in a professional way. Think of it as an investment – by enhancing your front window you can draw in more customers through your door. How? Your shop or office window will look more inviting, professional and eye-catching.

Think of it this way – would you trust a business that has a dirty front window that looks like minimal effort was put into its design? If the store hasn’t tried to make it’s company look polished, what does that tell you? That the business isn’t trustworthy or reliable.

You don’t want to be that kind of business. You want to be a company that shows off its true colours – a business at its best. Frosted windows in Canberra don’t just look great - they’re perfect for creating that extra touch of privacy too. If you don’t want people passing by peering in to your office space, frosted glass is a way of preventing this from happening without having to draw the shutters. It’s a way of making your window still look inviting but giving you and your employees a sense of privacy at the same time.

With our high quality frosted window finish, your store or office front will resemble sandblasted or acid-etched glass for a fraction of the price. These types of window frostings are often used in commercial buildings and help to complete a professional look and style.

At Capital Signs, we’re experts in installing top quality frosted glass film. We can block out your windows for security and privacy, while enhancing the look and feel of your business. Our first class frosted graphics in Canberra can be placed on front windows to smarten up your business and have more customers coming through your door in no time.

Need a new look? Choose a frosted glass store front.

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Shop Front

Turn heads and win new business with a unique sign

A bricks and mortar shop in the digital age needs every trick in the book to win new business. 
Internet shopping is making inroads into regular business, and customers walking by on the street inevitably have their noses buried in a smartphone.

But there’s still a few old school methods you can try…

Sign of the times

One of the best and most classic methods to get people to look away from their smartphones is with a clever, stylish, eye-catching sign.

A chalkboard with a witty message outside a pub can bring new patrons inside, while a beautifully presented window sign at a boutique can draw people inside to browse. The street and footpath traffic of a bricks and mortar business is a constant flow of potential customers, and a slick, attention grabbing sign will help generate more business. 

It may even win you some unexpected fans. A unique or iconic sign can draw crowds – think Times Square in New York where people go just to see the signs. That is the power of a good sign – it brings the people to you.

Capital Signs can create the perfect sign for you

As one of the leading creators of shopfront signage in Canberra, Capital Signs offers a wide range of signs to suit every style and budget. We provide wall mounted signs, fascia settings, windows, lightboxes, and under awning signs; we have the style and sophistication to create fantastic signs for every purpose.

Each of our signs is custom designed by our team of talented staff who can come up with the look you’re after. Our signs are made to the highest technical standards, offering all weather durability and great flexibility to withstand long use. We see them as a long-term investment for shopfronts in Canberra, and make sure they are made to the highest quality.

Available in full colour vinyl or digital print, Capital Signs' products offer a stylish, classic way to attract customers to your business.

Get attention with Capital Signs

Great signage is a unique selling point for bricks and mortar businesses, and it pays to get it right. Capital Signs can work with your business to create the perfect sign that will turn heads and bring people in the door. The rest, as they say, is up to you.

To start creating your attention-grabbing shop front signs in Canberra, get in touch with Capital Signs on (02) 6280 6000 today!

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Boat Wraps

Boat wraps and signs in Canberra

A full boat wrap is a great way to sharpen up the look of your boat and turn some heads on the water. And it’s vital that the wrap is made to last, using quality materials and workmanship to ensure it’s all ship shape.

Capital Signs is the go-to company for boat wraps in Canberra, able to create the perfect boat wrap and signage for your vessel. We specialise in designs for boats that are watertight and durable in all weathers and look great year round.

So whether you’ve bought a new boat and want to enhance its looks, or you want to give your old boat an overhaul, Capital Signs has the skills to bring your vision to life.

High quality materials

Boats endure the sun, salt water, wind, waves, spilled drinks and storms. So it’s essential that anything you add to the vessel can stand up to the most testing conditions, year in, year out, season after season.

Capital Signs uses the highest quality materials to create sharp, durable signage and hull wraps for all types of boats, big or small. All of our graphics are made from top tier materials including 3M, Avery, Arlo, Metamark, Calon and more. These can withstand the worst that the weather and machinery can throw at them. 

New looks for every boat

At Capital Signs we can create anything from boat names, registration numbers and signage, to decorative hull wraps that’ll turn heads on the water and in the docks.

Boat wraps are a great solution for decorating your boat in a unique and long lasting fashion. Instead of painting the hull, a boat wrap gives the decorative effect you crave while also enhancing the durability of the vessel.

Professional installation

At Capital Signs we pride ourselves on workmanship, and our installation will produce results that will not fail, even under the sternest tests.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to making the best boat wrapping in Canberra, and will work with you step by step to choose the best materials, come up with the best design and then install it perfectly. All you need to do is slip off the mooring lines and take her out, looking great and feeling fine.

So whether it’s a new look for your old boat, or a new boat the needs that something extra, give Capital Signs a call on (02) 6280 6000 today!

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